Wall Dryer - Thegreenglovedryer (White only)



The first, and ONLY Non-electric WALL glove, mitten, shoe, children's boot, hat and wet garment dryer for use with your homes WALL heating/air system. Thegreenglovedryer WALL DRYER is placed over a wall register by attaching two clips (provided) behind your vent/register, then placing the WALL dryer over the clips, which allows heat/air to circulate upward & throughout to the top of the garment, drying from the inside out. Safe to leave 24 hours a day (optimal when used overnight) ~ using ZERO extra electricity. Thegreenglovedryer WALL DRYER will dry 4 gloves, mittens, shoes, children's boots or wet garments using only ONE WALL register/vent. Eliminates odor and bacteria by thoroughly drying. Includes: Base, 4 nozzles & 2 hanging clips. 

100% Polypropylene Plastic - phthalate free

Fire & Flammability Tested - AClass Approved