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Sanafor® Antimicrobial Protection

Latest news 11/6/2018

Consumers Energy Powers TheEcoDryer® School Project to Help West Michigan Students Stay Warm and Dry


Consumers Energy Powers TheEcoDryer® School Project to Help West Michigan Students Stay Warm and Dry This Winter

WEST MICHIGAN - TheEcoDryer® by TheGreenGloveDryer® School Project is a statewide initiative to solve the wet glove and mitten problem in K-5 classrooms by providing an energy-free, antimicrobial drying solution for kids, teachers and schools throughout Michigan. Public, private and charter schools across 29 counties in West Michigan will begin receiving their school packs of EcoDryers on Tuesday, November 13.

Karen Smoots invented TheGreenGloveDryer® nearly five years ago to combat the wet outdoor gear generated by her winter-activity-loving southwest Michigan family. Tired of her two boys coming home from school with wet gloves and mittens, she searched for an eco-friendly option; when she couldn’t find one, she invented the easy-to-use, easy-to-assemble, transportable Green Glove Dryer. 

“The wet glove problem is cumbersome in our state, especially during the winter months. Having gloves and mittens that aren’t drying completely between use is a community health and wellness concern. Our new TheEcoDryer® not only addresses energy efficiency like its predecessor, but we’ve added SANAFOR® - antimicrobial technology that inhibits 99% of bacteria and fungi - to help combat the spread of germs in the classrooms,” said Karen Smoots, inventor of TheGreenGloveDryer®. The SANAFOR® is added during manufacturing, so it’s in the plastic and works to keep our kids healthy every time TheEcoDryer® is used,” said Smoots.

Consumers Energy is providing TheEcoDryer® classroom packs to over 900 schools. The initiative follows a pilot effort last year in which the energy provider helped schools in Jackson County receive Green Glove Dryers.

“Consumers Energy is committed to the success of schools and the communities we serve,” said Lauren Youngdahl Snyder, Consumers Energy’s Vice President of Customer Experience. “Green Glove Dryers have helped children stay warm and dry without wasting energy, and we are excited to see the difference they can make for tens of thousands more children in these schools.”

Consumers Energy has also created classroom activity worksheets to engage students in an age-appropriate way about the energy efficiency benefits utilizing TheEcoDryer® in their classrooms.

On November 13, 2018, the school pack deliveries will begin to the ISDs, who in turn are helping to facilitate getting them into the classrooms. For specific drop dates and times for each community, as well as media opportunities, please contact Stephanie Dukesherer via email or by phone (269) 217-7535.