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Sanafor® Antimicrobial Protection

The Eco Dryer School Project

Who's Next?

We are thrilled to announce that our efforts will continue in 2020 to outfit classrooms throughout Michigan with TheEcoDryer® powered by Consumers Energy.  

The following 

Eastern Michigan counties are scheduled for delivery in January (Date TBD):

Genesee and Lapeer Counties.

Please Check back for more updates and more news on expansions in 2020

#MIDryGloves   #ThankyouConsumersEnergy

State-wide School project Powered by consumers energy

Energy Efficient Drying Solution

Providing an energy-free drying solution to K-5 Elementary schools throughout Michigan♻︎.

Impacting Health & Wellness

Inhibiting 99% of bacteria and fungi growth in wet gear with Sanafor® technology.  Thus working to reduce the spread of germs in the classroom and help reduce cold and flu symptoms.

Impacting Communities across Michigan

A state-wide initiative to efficiently and effectively dry wet gear at school so students and teachers can enjoy Winter❄️.

Follow our state-wide projects

Jackson County Pilot Program


February 2018: Consumers Energy® provided over 500 K-5 public, private and charter classrooms with GreenGloveDryers to dry wet winter gear at school. 

Michigan Manufacturing


We are PROUD to Manufacture TheEcoDryer® by GreenGloveDryer at DEP in Jackson, MI.  Supporting small business and Michigan manufacturing is our goal.

65 Counties outfitted in Michigan!


Beginning on November 13th, 2018

29 Counties in West Michigan

270,000 K-5 public, private and charter students will be receiving TheEcoDryer® by GreenGloveDryer class packs for their classrooms to dry wet, winter gear all season.

Delivery Celebrations


These kiddos are just as excited as we are to have DRY gloves, mittens and hats all winter long in their classroom! 

Delivery Celebrations


We've started and can't wait to visit your school!

What's Next for our School Project?


Coming Soon!

2 More Counties in 2020

Genesee & Lapeer Counties 

Making it 67 total counties outfitted with glove dryers powered by Consumers Energy 

Watch our Class-pack preparation

Working hard to prepare 10,000 classpacks for over 270,000, K-5 elementary school students in West Michigan.   

Inhibiting bacteria and fungi growth in winter gear ALL SEASON long with our addition of Sanafor® antimicrobial protection.

Thank you Consumers Energy.


How the project works?

Find out more about how our school project works and what you can expect in deliveries to your classroom.

Teacher Resource K-2

Fun & Exciting Learning Activity for classrooms

Grade K-2

teacher resource 3-5

Fun & Exciting Learning Activity for classrooms

Grade 3-5