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Sanafor® Antimicrobial Protection

Floor Dryer - 24 hour Drying

Perfectly Practical After a Day of Snowy, Winter Fun!

Wall Dryer - 24 hour Drying

Check out this Amazing video and see how the FIRST ever Wall Dryer works!

Simple & Easy Assembly

Watch this great video and learn how to assemble Thegreenglovedryer quickly and easily with NO TOOLS!

Manufactured in the USA

Made in USA

"Best Kids Winter Glove Dryer" ~ from our customers

So simple and works like a champ! No more stinky kid gloves. Hooray! ~ Glacier Girl

Works great, and made in the USA which is awesome. I use it all the time to make sure that there is no sweat left inside the gloves after skiing or running. ~ David E.