A Little About Us - Our Why!

A Family Affair!

Thegreenglovedryer was born out of necessity.  An enthusiastic, outdoor loving family needing a solution. We were tired of stinky, wet gloves every morning!  Laying them on our vents just didn't work and waisted energy in the dryer didn't do the trick either. The insides were always damp.  After 8 hours of building our first prototype, The Green Glove Dryer was born and has worked flawlessly since day ONE! Our hope is that using our Green Glove Dryer makes your day a lot more enjoyable with Warm, Dry Happy Hands!

Made In USA

Supporting Made in USA Manufacturing matters.  People and jobs matter. Human interaction is one of the most important forms of communication and success in the work place. We hear you! We support you! We believe in YOU! The Green Glove Dryer is Proudly manufactured in Vicksburg, Michigan at Miniature Custom Manufacturing.  

"Our" People

Kiddos deserve to the opportunity to have dry gloves & mittens while attending school in the coldest months of the year! Now they can.  Here's our call to action!  Helping public schools across the US provide Thegreenglovedryer to classrooms so that each and every child has dry gear! Contact us to be a part of this movement thegreenglovedryer@att.net

Our Commitment To Our Customers

~ Our Environmental Commitment ~

To manufacture an environmentally responsible, safe, energy- saving product, while utilizing post-consumer recycled materials when possible.

~ Our American Made & USA Manufacturing Commitment ~ 

We are proud to support USA manufacturing.  Our commitment to the growth and sustainability of USA & Michigan manufacturing companies is unwavering.  

American Made ~ perfectly articulated with our friends at Rustic Maka'

"American Made is the hard-earned result of dreaming big.  It is long hours spent into the night, way after the kids have gone to sleep, while pouring your passion into a single pursuit.  It is going that extra mile and the pride that is permanently given to every product and every service.  American Made is knowing that with a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck and not being afraid to fail, we can achieve anything."

Our Team

Karen Smoots aka. Mom

Founder, President/CEO, Inventor (Basically Runs the show!)

80's Music Fanatic | DIY'er | Sun & Snow Lover | Organizational Guru | Avid Recycler | Handbag hoarder

Shoe Collector l Travel Planner Extraordinaire

Ryan Smoots aka. Dad

Helps Mom do a little bit of everything! Never complains and always willing to pitch in and help!

Miniature Custom Manufacturing

Plastic injection Molding manufacturing in Vicksburg, MI.

Cindy U'ren Sales Support Pacific Northwest

Sales Support, Pacific Northwest (Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon & Arkansas)

Collin Smoots

Nolan Smoots

"Best Kids Winter Glove Dryer" ~ from our customers

"Love it! I have 2 and use it daily in our Michigan household with 2 young boys. So happy with my purchase! What a great device and better than using the dryer!" ~Vanessa C.

"This thing rocks! No more kids gloves that smell like feet because they never dry all the way inside, or not getting dry for school the next day! I love the simplicity of this design. My kids even think it's so cool they put their own gloves back on it each afternoon. I've been recommending this to anyone who will listen! "~Carmen H.